Top 4 in Demand Pipe Rehabilitation Methods

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Pipe problem is always a nightmare for homeowners for it doesn’t only affect the water consumption but the type of traditional pipe rehabilitation service offered by local plumbers. Because of our newly contrived pipe repair methods, we may not avoid huge water bills because of our problems but we are able to find alternative cheaper services that could mend holes and cracks. Also, some of the procedures could double our pipe’s structural integrity which is convenient to avoid future pipe replacements.



What makes this method so convenient? It only takes two access points to finish the job – one for the entrance and for the exit. Keep in mind that before doing the operation, the pipe system needs cleaned up using the mechanical hydro jetter. After removing all the dirt, probably roots and dust, the contractors will have to check the condition of your pipe through CCTV inspection. The inspection will determine certain cracks and holes that your pipe system obtained.

After the evaluation, epoxy compounds are then mixed to other liquid substance to create a liner for the pulled-in-place procedure. Then, the mixture is poured down to the liner that is being levelled off to make an equal dissemination of the mixture. The last step is to place the liner, which has a bladder in its centre, into the pipe. Wait for several hours for the resin to cure.


Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining

Cured-in-place is quite the same with the aforementioned method. However, its diversity from PIPP can be found in its bladder. CIPP operates with the use of an inversion chamber. This indicates that the liner is upended siding on the wall surface. Also, a UV light device is being utilised in the curing procedure.


Internal Pipe Coating

Although the process of internal pipe coating resembles with the pipe relining method, it vaguely differ because in this method, the reasons of the pipe problem such as holes and cracks are the only ones being rehabilitated using an epoxy resin and not the entirety of the pipe system.. It has been proven that the resin being used lasts for more than 10 years.


Pipe Bursting

Typically, when the problem got worse and your pipe system needs a replacement, people would prefer to choose pipe bursting service over open trench excavation. For some pipe problems that are found in its earliest stage, one of the options could just be relining the pipe that will maintain the pipe’s shape and double its structural integrity. However, for those pipes that are past restitution, customers would select pipe bursting as their last resort.

In the procedure of pipe bursting, contractors utilise a pipe bursting equipment. Right after creating two access points, a bursting head is then pushed through the broken pipe. As the bursting head progresses, it bursts the pipe open by pulling it on the second access point. On the other hand, the replacement pipe is fastened on the end part of the head so the two procedures, bursting and replacing the pipes, can be executed at once.