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There are several ways or methods of repairing or replacing sewer pipes. This includes pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a trenchless pipe replacement procedure. This method is quite different with pipe rehabilitation. Pipe rehabilitation is a process where pipes are enhanced while pipe replacement is a method where existing pipes are replaced with a new one. One huge difference between these two methods is that digging is mostly required in pipe replacement, unlike the pipe rehabilitation. Discussed below are some facts which you probably don’t know but must know about pipe bursting.

Pipe bursting is basically done through cracking and tearing the new pipe apart by putting a strong force while pulling in the new pipe. For the plumbing contractors to achieve this procedure, two holes must be created first, above the pipe that is to be replaced. A cable is installed inside the holes where one end of the cable contains the bursting head which breaks the pipes while the other end is where the new pipe is attached. A certain mechanism is used to create a force that is necessary for the bursting head to entering pipes pulling the new pipes along. The machine that will be used will completely depend on the type of pipe bursting method used.

  • Pneumatic Bursting Head

Force is necessary for this method to burst pipes which are created by a hammer device. This mechanism is controlled by a compressed air that comes from a hose. This pipe bursting method is basically applicable to heavy soils and is not suitable for running sands.

  • Static Bursting Head

Opposite to pneumatic bursting head, static bursting head operates properly on sandy soils. This is also best suited for pipes which are severely damaged by the huge and full-grown roots. Static Bursting is one great method to replace damaged sewer pipes.


This type of bursting is efficient in replacing pipes which are located in urban area. Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) bursting is a practical and an effective method for urban areas as if requires less excavation resulting from a less destructive method to property. An HDD is used in this method to eliminate old and damaged pipes.

Just like other trenchless technologies, pipe bursting has a lot of advantages such as less invasive, cost effective, time effective and a long lasting pipe repair solution. This pipe repair method has just the same advantages as other trenchless rehabilitation processes. Most home owners would choose this type of pipe repair as they won’t be paying much for the repair plus the whole repair process can be through in a few hours. This is also a less invasive procedure in which it can’t cause huge destruction to your community and your property. Materials used in this process are a high-quality material which makes the pipes function longer than before. Once the repair is through, you are left with an enhanced and improved sewer plumbing system.