7 Signs that You Need to Have Your Pipes Repaired or Replaced

Plumberchippendale Leaking Pipe

The sewer system is highly utilised for it serves as the channels for the sewage wastes. One of its integral components necessary for the smooth flow of its operations are the sewer pipes. These pipes inevitably deteriorate over time due to their constant utility, and other damaging factors such as corrosion and blockages. As they weaken and lose their optimum quality, cumbersome consequences may arise causing the breakdown of your sewer system. If your sewer pipes are hanging by a thread, there are indications that you can spot on to avoid the worsening of the problem. Read on to help you determine whether you need to repair or replace your sewer pipes:

1. Old Pipes

Most homeowners ignore or delay the replacement of their old pipes due to financial worries or inconvenient schedules. Of course, this is a careless practice that can result to plumbing upheavals in the future. Aged pipes are not conducive for the smooth operation of the sewer system and may cause notorious plumbing ills such as clogs, overflow, and sewage backups. For homes having old pipes, it is of prime importance to have them inspected by professionals. This is to assess whether they have used up their serviceability and to make the necessary repairs or replacements. Although most pipes are made from the toughest materials such cast iron and galvanised steel, they are still prone to corrosion. Clay pipes, although insusceptible to corrosive environment, is vulnerable to root intrusions. Moreover, old pipes usually develop stubborn clogs that can impede the sewer system.

2. Leaks

Your sewer line may be leaking cause the obvious increase of pest infestation. You may have frequent sightings of sewer pests such as cockroaches and rats which can cause sanitary and health concerns. There may also be damp indoor and outdoor areas in your homes that reek of atrocious sewage smell. A pipe inspection should be conducted in order to to confirm such suspicions. A professional plumber will evaluate the extent of the damage in your sewer system and determine the right course of action needed. There are a lot of modern pipe repair and rehabilitation methods available that can revive your sewer system without extensive excavations. Trenchless methods can effectively patch up your leaky sewer pipes and enhance their resistance against damaging factors such as corrosion and root intrusions. For pipes that are severely damaged and worn-out, trenchless pipe replacement methods are also available. Make sure to hire a licensed, reputable and well-equipped plumbing company who can effectively address your plumbing needs with the right solutions.

3. Septic Pooling

If septic waste water pool in your yard, especially the ground where the sewer system is located, it is an unmistakable indication of a sewer issue. You have to consult a professional plumber immediately to patch up your sewer system from clogged drain fields, ruptured main lines or leaky septic tanks.

4. Lush Green Patches in Certain Areas Only

If you spot a certain part in your yard that is extra greener compared to other areas, it is a distinguishable indication of an underground sewage leak. The sewage waste that leached into the soil serves as a fertilizer to the surrounding grass making it lusher and healthier.

5. Lead-based Pipes and other potentially toxic materials

In the past, lead pipes can guarantee a lifespan of a century. Although this sounded convenient and remarkable in the good old days, a great deal of research has proven that lead can be fatal. For old homes and houses that you do not know the plumbing history, they potentially contain lead pipes so have the sewer systems inspected to make the necessary replacements.

6. Slow Drain

Sewer pipes may have massive blockages within that can cause slow drains. Other factors such as corrosion and root infiltration can also contribute to this predicament. Sink, bathroom and toilet drains especially in the lower areas of the house tend to constantly act up. Such problems are not just solved by plungers and drain cleaners since these issues originate deep within the sewer pipes.

7. Foundation Cracks, Settlement, and Sinkholes

Sewer pipe deterioration manifests indications that are not just confined to the plumbing system alone. It can also affect the structural integrity of your home. There might be foundation cracks and slabs that may occur and in rare cases, sinkholes develop. These are due to the void created underneath your foundation due to sewer issues. Aside from calling a professional plumber, you may have to contact a foundation repair specialist to restore the structural integrity of your home