6 Preventive Tips for Root Intrusion Problems

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It is true that we are so grateful for the contributions the trees provide in our environment. Furthermore, when it comes to our sewer line, trees can be pretty disappointing since they can kick in some serious damage to it leaving our sewer lines to be out of commission. To avert this dilemma from happening, here are some tips that you can follow:

Keep away trees from your sewer line

The best option to avert root intrusion from happening is to keep trees away from your sewer line. With this, it assures that trees will not reach you’re your sewer system underneath the ground and doesn’t cause commotion to the system at all. This is the most common tip given by professional and those who experience the dilemma. Keeping them away would lengthen the lifespan of your sewer line and costly repairs are also avoided.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t help yourself to beautify your area, you can plant some bushes near your sewers. Its roots are not destructive and do not reach your sewer system, thus don’t cause sewer problems at all.

Using tree root barrier

If the trees have already been planted near your sewer system, using tree root barrier would be the best defence to its destructive to its roots. The barrier is made up of a synthetic material devised for these root intrusion situations. The root may reach the barrier, on the other hand, they won’t be able to break it because of the barrier’s protective material.

Sewer-safe trees

It’s been advised that sewer safe plants should be plants in the yards and garden to ensure the safety of your pipes that carries water for household purposes. These type of plants ensures that you won’t have to worry about root intrusion issues on account that its roots won’t pose any harm to your underground sewer system.

Regular inspection

Regular inspection should be done once in a while to maintain the good condition of our sewer line. By checking your sewer, you will find out if there are any roots attempting to get in and damage your system. Aside from root issues, you will also detect problems that could worsen over time. Finding out these kinds of problems at its earliest stage is advantageous because its repair procedure doesn’t cost much.

Chemical treatments

By using chemical treatments, the tree root’s growth will temporarily stopped. There are a lot of chemical treatments available in your local store. You can flush them down to your sewer and septic tank to hinder the maturity and its growth. You can do this up until to the point where there will be root removal process that can be utilised.

Using mechanical tools for root elimination

A lot of plumbing device have been designed to aid plumbers from complex operations. Removing the root would be easy just by using these mechanical tools. Water jetter and cutter can be used during the operation and free your sewer line from dangerous roots.