5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Hydro-Jetting Method

Our sewer lines would definitely be accumulated over time because of the wastes that we usually drain down to them and of course, because of our negligence and lack of maintenance. But we, homeowners, hear the word “sewer line cleaning”, everything it can integrate to our minds is the cost of the process and the time it would definitely consume. However, nowadays, the cost of cleaning processes for your sewer line will no longer concern you so as the many homeowners like you.

    Hydro-jetters would clean the interior walls of your pipes by releasing a high water pressure to mend and remove all the accumulations within your sewer line. Through this, your sewer line will be cleared and you don’t have to worry about future clogs and blockage problems.

Aside from the fact that it would clean your sewer lines, here are some reasons why you should opt for hydro-jetting methods in cleaning your sewer lines.


Inexpensive and Nature-friendly

    When you utilise hydro-jetting method to clear your sewer lines from the nasty accumulation of waste, you wouldn’t need to use chemicals and other cleaning methods to further clean your sewer lines. You can expect that after utilising this method, your sewer lines are efficiently cleared from all forms of build-ups. You will only need to hire a plumbing service to clean your lines once and you won’t need further engagement with them anymore. Unlike when using chemical drain cleaners or snaking, you can’t assure yourself that the build-ups and accumulations are all removed, and you would certainly need some reinforcement and hire a plumber for further cleaning procedures thus, you would spend more that opting for hydro-jetting alone.


Efficient and Effective

    Snaking, rodders and chemical drains may not be able to reach those hard-to-reach areas or the deep portions of your sewer lines. On the other hand, hydro-jetting can clean the entire pipe interior even on areas where roots, rocks, dirt and accumulations of other debris are located. Even if your pipes are of different sizes, you can still assure yourself that your hydro jetter could do the cleaning all by itself. Unlike when snaking, you can only create a hole in the middle of all the build-ups without removing all the build-ups stuck on the pipe’s interior walls.


Cleans the entire pipe and removes all debris

  Snaking alone may not clean the pipe, it will only restore the flow of water by creating a hole in the middle of all build-ups. While on the other hand, hydro jetting your sewer lines will not only restore the flow of water by removing all the clogs, it will also clean the entire pipe, removing any form of initiating build-ups and even your worries about future clogs.


Accurate and consistent

Through hydro-jetting, you can clean your sewer lines without getting inside your large pipes or dig them up. In that case, you don’t have to be directly in contact with the wastes it contains. You wouldn’t need to rent heavy excavation equipment for the digging and you won’t definitely spend so much. This process will not damage your pipes because of the excavation and would not risk your health because of your contact with the wastes.


Removes all forms of bacteria

Because of the high water pressure your hydro-jetter releases when cleaning the pipe, it may not only remove grease and fat build-ups, soap scum from your bathrooms, foreign objects and debris but also all forms of bacteria within the pipe, either odour-causing bacteria or health-threatening bacteria. It can make your pipe clean and fresh like a newly installed one.