4 Signs that Your Sewer Pipes Are in Need of Repair

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Every little thing that is about to fail gives off a sign which can give you a heads up that you will face a problem. These signs are there to help you find a solution before everything goes out of hand. Sewer pipes also give off signs when they are damaged. Even though most of these pipes are buried underground, your fixtures and your surroundings will be the ones to tell you that your sewer is in a critical condition. Critical situations could be avoided if you look out for these 4 signs that your sewer pipes are in need of repair. Be sure that you take immediate action to prevent further damages.

1. There is an overflow of sewage waste from your toilets.

Toilets are supposed to flush wastes down the drains and into the sewers instead of spilling them out into your bathroom floors. If the toilets are doing the opposite, then you are in great danger. Well, your sewer pipes are in danger, actually. If your toilet is not clogged, then the only other reason for it to back up waste water is that the sewer pipes are severely damaged. The overflowing of sewage waste can also be an indicator that your toilet doesn’t have a backflow preventer which is a vital thing since it prevents waste water from backing up, hence the name.

2. The drainage system is slower than usual.

Slow drainage is frustrating, especially if you are one of those people who wait until the toilet has totally flushed down the wastes before leaving the loo. It is much more upsetting when the sinks are draining so slowly and you still have tonnes of dishes to wash manually because your dishwasher has gone bonkers. If you have cleaned up and checked your drains for clogs and you still experience interference from the drains, then you should probably take a look at your sewer pipes. The cause of the problem may have sprung from there and don’t you dare try and fix it on your own as your inexperience with sewer pipes will only make the problem worse.

3. There is sewer water pooling in your backyard.

A muddy puddle of water after a rain is harmless. But if there is no rain and you noticed water pooling in your backyard that is accompanied with a foul smell, then that is a serious case. It could only mean one thing and that is, your sewer pipes are either leaking or have burst. If you want to know to what extent the damage is, you will have to call a plumber to do a camera inspection of your sewer pipes. Since you can’t just dig around the pipes for you to know where the leaks have originated, this is the safe option for you.

4. You start smelling a disgusting odour from your drains and toilets.

A foul odour has always been a bad sign. What good has ever come out from bad smells, right? Sewer smell is harsh and suffocating. It repels humans while attracting pests and rodents at the same time. Once you start smelling foul odours from your drains and toilets, it probably means that a section of your sewer pipes is damaged.