4 Signs Indicating Your Sewer Pipes Are Broken


Every plumbing problem originates from a tiny disruption. This disruption only gets a huge inconvenience when left unattended. Most of the plumbing problems we have at home are typically related to our pipe system. What most of us don’t notice is that our pipe problems gives us hints that they are about to cause a disaster. What are those? Here are 4 common signs of broken pipe.

Bubbling and Gurgling Noise

These noises you hear from the pipe is produced by tiny holes and cracks that can’t be really found easily. Because of the presence of the crack and holes, the air penetrates into the pipe and dwindle the passage of the flowing water which makes it difficult for the volume of water to pass through. If these cracks and holes left unrepaired for so long, the build- up of water pressure because of the restriction by air will precipitate your pipeline to burst and make a bigger problem that requires costly repair services than your D-I-Y expertise. Furthermore, when the air that penetrated from the holes doesn’t have an exit point, bubbling noise starts to happen.

Clanking and banging

The clanking and the banging are usually precipitated by pipes that bonks into each other when water pressure weights on the pipes. Also, this occurs when there is a loosen pipe that is greatly affected by corrosion. Because of it, the pipes wear off easily. Also, in the point where you have loosened pipes, it’s no longer long when your pipes cause other problems such as leaks and cracks. It only indicates that the problem is only jumping out from the frying pan into the fire. That is why before the problem exacerbates, try to pay attention on the little signs your pipe is giving you so that you will be able to mend the damage before it becomes a haywire mess. As a solution, it does not require a much of effort and money to repair the broken pipe.

Wet Spots

Typically, wet surfaces in your house are caused by pipes that are mounted on your ceiling and walls and not underground. To spot this, observed any wet patterns and patches on your ceiling and wall area. Additionally, the wet spots can also be located on the floor where pipelines run in the basement of your home.

Wet spots occur when the pipes the holds the water is cracked. Usually, the existence of wet spots means that it is the location where the cracked part is. Ask a plumber to fix the damage or else the cracks will turn to a bigger one.

Foul Smell

The primary reason why your drains have foul-smell is due to damage or crack pipelines. Other than that, it could also be because of a blockage due to fat, grease and other unnecessary objects build up that were ineffectively carried out into the sewage system. If this objects are left inside, it would cause clog and health issues. To take these out, you can rod these items using a snake rod but before doing so, try asking for a CCTV pipe inspection service to check the condition inside your pipes system to detect other problems and figure out what repair methods should be used.