4 Effective Treatments for Root Intrusion

plumber chippendale 4 Effective Treatments for Root IntrusionBecause many homeowners hate the idea of sewer troubles and restorations, they tend to maintain their sewer system well. But no matter how well we maintain our sewer pipes, sewer troubles would really take place beyond our consciousness. These sewer troubles include root intrusion which is primarily caused by sewer destructive trees and bushes situated near sewer laterals and branch sewers. This time, because the problem has already initiated, the only choice we have is to hand over quick remedies to avoid making the problem worse and out of control. The prevention of root growth and maturity within your sewer laterals would be very helpful in ceasing the destruction it may cause when not given enough attention.
For instances where tree roots have accumulated too much space within your sewer lines and might have damaged it, then the need to walk the path of sewer line repair should be taken to prevent filthy sewage backups and overflows.
Here are some of the remedies you can hand over to your infiltrated sewer lines.

1. Draining chemical solutions to cease root growth within sewer lines

When root infiltration has initiated within your sewer lines, it is not really necessary to undergo costly restoration processes such as digging when easy and economical remedies are available. You can opt for draining chemical solutions and treatments which are apparently your best and easiest choice. In most cases, the suggested chemical treatment for root intrusion is copper sulphate. It usually appears like crystals and is toxic for roots making it effective in killing them and ceasing their growth. The application should be done in a specific interval but not too often as this is harmful to the environment. This chemical will only be absorbed by roots near the sewer laterals thus, follow-up application should be done especially when roots have grown and are heading towards your sewers.
You can also prevent root intrusion with the use of copper sulphate as this would create a barrier around the sewer pipes and kill all the roots that touch it.

2. Cutting tree roots through a mechanical cutter

When you don’t want to opt for chemical treatments due to the harmful effects it brings to the environment, you can rather opt for mechanical root cutting. This process makes use of a mechanical auger inserted within your sewer lines and has a rotating head. Its head appears like a reciprocating saw which would cut the tree roots penetrating within your sewer lines. But this process would not completely remove the infiltrating roots. They were just cut but still remain in your sewers. Apparently, you haven’t really solved the problem because the cut roots will still grow and infiltrate your sewer lines again.

3. Killing tree roots by hydro jetting sewer lines

The best way to remove root intrusion is by hydro jetting your sewer lines. This removes all roots within your sewer lines and drains them into the main sewer lines. Aside from that, this tool also removes all obstructions and any form of build-up. This is made possible because of the high water pressure this instrument releases. This equipment releases up to 4000 PSI and the water would be streamed through the sewer pipes making it impossible for all obstructions to remain within your sewers.

4. Digging up the sewer laterals especially when pipes are completely wrecked

When your sewer lines have been infiltrated for a long time, there is a great possibility that your sewer lines are severely damaged. The best way for this is to dig your sewer lines and replace them with a new one especially when it is no longer beneficial.