4 Easy Tips For Your Sewer Line Problems

plumber chippendale - root intrusion

One of the things that miss a periodic maintenance in our household is our sewer lines. We often overlooked this part of our house, however, if the problems are starting to emerge, we try to do our best to fix them immediately. But you have to remember that in order to avoid this problem, it is much important to have a maintenance for your sewer lines. To help you with, here are some maintenance tips for your sewer line problems

  1. Tree roots

When the roots have already made its way into the sewer line, people will  have a hard time to manage its growth and the damage that it will cause. The dilemma begins when the roots discover  a fracture on the pipe. As the water leaks on the fractured part, the roots will take their water from it to grow.

To avert this from happening, you have to take out trees that are closed to the sewer line.  However, the roots can still reach the pipe even if the tree is far away from it. You can use a  copper sulphate crystal to make the surrounding part of the pipe toxic.

But if you really want a tree on the location near the sewer line, you can put plants that have shallow roots like a maple tree.

  1. Blockage Caused By FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)

The build-up of fatty substances, grease and oil can obstruct the sewer line. Soap can also be a part of this predicament. These are the thing that you intentionally threw all the way down to your kitchen sinks.

To see the amount of FOG exist within your sewer lines, you can utilise a sewer camera. Also, you can take out a part of the drain pipe to see the whole situation. If you don’t want this predicament to happen to you, one of the preventive ways is to install a grease receptor under your sink. But the best thing to do for this to avoid putting them into the sink.

  1. Debris

The water that penetrates within the sewer line carries leaves and sediments that create a muddy gunk. Like the FOG, the sediments will also accumulate within the sewer line and obstruct any flow that will occur inside.

A drain screen that will be placed over the grate is one of the ways to solve the problem.  Also, you have to spend some time to clean the catch basin to lessen the chances of sediment build-up.

  1. Other Objects

Our toilets are devised to take in waste and other items that are pertinent to it. Remember that you have to avoid flushing hygienic items down the toilet. If you do so, your sewer lines will have a hard time to push the items down the drain system. The items will block the passage and that will cause a clog.

Items that should never go down your sewer lines are facial tissues, diaper, cigarette butts and paper towel. However, if you think that they are already within your sewer lines, you can utilise a hydro-jet to flush the items. The hydro-jet uses a high-pressure water to take out any debris that causes the blockage in your sewer lines.