3 Ways to Prevent Your Sewer Line From Being Damaged

Plumberchippendale Damaged Sewer Line

Although both old and modern sewer lines are made from tough and reliable materials; they will eventually age and become weaker. But that doesn’t mean you will just leave your sewer pipes exposed to harsh elements. You need to do your own part so that your sewer line will last for a long time. Here are some ways that can help you in preventing your sewer line from being damaged.
1. Don’t let get the sewer lines get clogged

Sewer line clogs are the nastiest clogs in the household. This is because a clogged sewer line can affect all the drains in your house — yes, even the toilet. Apart from causing a lot of inconveniences; a clogged sewer pipe is also more prone to damage. For example: heavy concentration of clogs in a particular pipe section can destroy the pipe lining in the long term. By averting obstructions in the sewer line; you’re essentially avoiding damage to it.

You need to be careful with what you flush or put into your drains. Avoid forcing large items since these objects can easily block the sewer pipe line. You also shouldn’t drain down hygiene products — especially those ‘flushable’ wipes. While the wipes can be flushed; these items don’t degrade and will just stick in the pipeline. Now, if you continuously flush down wipes; then the wipe will continue to accumulate until it will completely block the sewer line.
2. Avoid pouring chemical products into your drains

Sewer lines are made up of durable and corrosion-resistant materials but that doesn’t imply that you can just pour down strong chemicals. It’s best to avoid pouring volatile strong compounds in the drain since this will go directly into the sewer line and damage it. While the effects of pouring chemicals aren’t evident; it will cause a lot of problems in the long term — particularly corrosion and rusting. A common culprit of sewer pipe damage and corrosion are drain-cleaning products that contain strong acidic properties like sulphuric acid. You should avoid using these noxious cleaners and just use homemade solutions that are safer.
3. Be careful where you plant your trees

Do you plan on planting trees or large plants in your yard? If so, you might want to plan even further. You see, trees or other big vegetation can become a problem for your sewer line. The plants’ roots can possibly enter or invade the sewer pipe and cause damage.

What makes this a tricky problem is that you won’t be able to notice the problem until the roots have taken over a part of the sewer pipe and is causing great blockage. One of the best ways to prevent root invasions is to just plant small plants. The reason is that most small vegetation only have small roots and aren’t aggressive. If you found out that you have a plant in your yard that’s very aggressive and is causing a lot of damage to your sewer line then you must extract it.