3 Stages of Root Progression and their Solutions

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Root intrusion has been always a problem for many homeowners because it always precipitates pipe failures and sewer troubles. That is why, if roots penetrate your sewer lines, it would be necessary to remove them as soon as possible before they completely tear off your sewer pipes. If it stays in your sewer lines for a long time, it might cause the trouble to be rather complicated and would certainly demand costly repair procedures and even the traditional method which would require heavy excavation and extensive digging. To help you prevent your sewer lines from being excessively damaged by tree roots, here are some tips and alternative solutions for you so you can give early remedies to your sewer problems.

Stages of Root Intrusion

Stage 1: Early Intrusion Early intrusion is when the roots have found its way to the sewer line because it has detected moisture and nutrients in it. They might have found weak areas, cracks or breaks in the sewer line that causes them to find their way to the inside. When this intrusion has been initiated, expect that these roots will continue to grow in the area where the moisture is found.

Stage 2: Advanced Intrusion This secondary stage of root intrusion happens when the root that has entered the sewer lines become thicker and tougher because of the enough nutrients they have gathered from the sewer line. Solid waste materials will then start to get caught up such as toilet papers, food leftovers and even human waste. This will then be detected especially when clogging consistently occur and as well as the nastiest sewage backup. In this situation, homeowners would certainly need mechanical equipment to remove these roots.

Stage 3: Sewage Failure When the roots are not removed even after its advance intrusion, it might lessen the structural integrity of your pipe and even cause it to give up. This time, expect that you would encounter various sewer troubles that would demand expensive repair procedures. And most of the time, this would lead to complete sewer destruction and the only solution for this dilemma is sewer line replacement.

Tips for Sewer Pipe Problems

Tip 1: Have your sewer lines inspected and diagnosed through drain cleaning or video inspection

In order to avoid completely wrecking your sewer lines, it would be helpful to constantly inspect your sewer lines with a sewer camera. In this way, we can detect early root intrusion when they can still be controlled. When root intrusion has been detected in your sewer line, you can use mechanical cleaning equipment so the roots that have infiltrated your sewer lines will be removed and controlled.

Tip 2: Ask for permanent solutions

In order to avoid constantly experiencing the same problem, you can ask permanent solutions from plumbing professionals. In this way, you can be able to keep your roots from the
reach of tree roots. Three of the most common options to permanently control tree root intrusion are hydro-jetting, pipe lining and pipe bursting.