3 Signs of a Sewer Pipe Problem

plumberchippendale sewer line problemOne fixture in the plumbing and sewage system that encounters the most problem is the pipes. No matter what your plumbing pipes are made of, they are still liable to weaken structural integrity and eventually, damage. A tiny damage to the pipe can and will affect its usefulness and may even impair the function of the entire plumbing and sewage system. The problem with tiny damages in the pipelines, such as pinhole leaks and occasional mild blockages, is that they can accumulate over time and the next time they pose as problem, they could be a lot harder to solve since the problem becomes more complicated than the last.
Lucky for us, these problems and causes of probably sewer system destruction have a few telltale signs that when you pay enough attention, can actually be noticed. Being able to detect these signs is prevention steps in making the problem go away for good. Through this, you will make sure that the sewer system will have a prolonged service life. Here are 3 signs that a homeowner should watch for to detect early sewer problems:

1. Multiple drain blockages.

Drains can be considered as a routine occurrence in some homes. Poorly conducted and installed sewage systems are the main reason. That, added with an equally poor maintenance practice, plumbing and sewage systems will surely give the homeowner a hard time.
Given that blocked drains is a normal problem, multiple blockages occurring at the same time or in a close interval is another issue. When this happens, you may already be experiencing the effects of having a damaged pipe. Even when you have cleaned and weeded out your pipelines and sewer lines a couple of time in a week, you will still be experiencing clogs and even backups if your pipes are the ones messing with your plumbing.

2. Old pipes.

One of the most common causes of pipe and plumbing problems is the age of the pipe. It does not matter if the pipe contains waste and waste water or if it is a supply main. When the pipe reaches a specific number of years that it has been doing its job, you can bet that eventually, the pipe will lose its structural integrity and a fraction of its strength. Old pipes are prone to breakage and other anomalies since it is liable to slowly lose its sturdiness and other factors that a pipe needs to have in order to be effective in its job.
No matter the materials the pipe is made of, if and when it has reached its limit and the chemicals in it begin to “expire”, it is only a matter of time before the pipe crumbles and becomes totally useless. This is because even though they are marketed as sturdy and liable, they are not items with a guarantee of never-ending service. At some point, you will need to replace them.

3. Fast-growing vegetation.

Another red flag raised by your sewer piping when they are being choked by problems lies in your lawn. Try to observe your yard. Are your plants healthier and growing faster than they used to? Is there an excess in the vegetation sprout?
This may be caused by the moisture inside your sewer pipe. When a plant can no longer fin nutrition on the water you have provided for it, it will begin to seek out the closest source of water and moisture around it and often than not, this will be your pipelines. Now, if you noticed that the vegetation on your garden are growing extra lush, faster than they used to and fatter, there is a big possibility that the roots of these plants have already penetrated the pipes.