3 Indications of a Sewer Pipe Problem


In a plumbing system, the fixture that encounters problems most of the time is the pipes. No matter how high the quality of the piping material is used, it has still the ability to be damaged. A small damage in pipes can affect the function of the entire system. However, there are repairs for these damages. All you need to do is to pay attention to the signs of the damages. Here’s a list of the 3 indications of a sewer pipe problem.


  • Fast-growing vegetation

Some sewer pipe problem rises due to the vegetation planted around your lawn. One indication of this is when you observe that your plants are growing healthier and faster. This is probably because of the moisture in your sewer pipe. Once the plant can no longer find nutrition in the water that you have provided, it will certainly find its way to the nearest source of moisture and water around it which is obviously in your pipelines. If you notice that the vegetation around your garden is growing faster and healthier unlike its usual growth then there is a great possibility that its roots have already penetrated your pipelines.


  • Old Pipes

The age of the pipe is probably the most common reasons for plumbing and pipe problems to arise. It will not matter whether the pipe has waste water and waste or maybe it’s main supply. Once the pipe reaches its specific number of years or its service lifespan, you can eventually imagine that the structural integrity and a portion of its strength would be gone.

Old pipes have a high tendency of breaking and other pipe issues that may arise. It can possibly lose its sturdiness slowly. You might say that your piping materials are made of high-quality materials, well it certainly won’t matter what it is made of. Once it reaches its limit and their chemical begins to expire, then there is a lesser time before the pipe would be totally of no use. Even though these materials are marketed as liable and sturdy, they still have a limited service life span. With this, you would surely need to replace these old pipes as soon as possible to avoid further damages from occurring in your plumbing system.


  • Multiple drain blockages

The main reason for the numerous drain blockages could be the poorly installed and conducted sewage systems. Poor maintenance of the sewage and plumbing system could also be an additional reason. These blockages will surely give the homeowners quite a hard time. A blocked drain is indeed a normal plumbing problem but having multiple blocked drains at the same time or a close interval is not normal anymore. This is considered as a severe plumbing issue that needs an immediate action. Once this occurs, you are now experiencing the effect of a damaged pipe. There is a possibility that you may still experience backups and blockages even though you have your pipes cleaned and cleaned out for a couple of times in a week. This could happen if the pipes are the ones that are messing with your plumbing system.