3 Crucial Reasons Not to Delay the Repair of Faulty Sewer Pipes

Sewer_repair_Pipe_medic_2-169x300A faulty pipe is hard to notice in its earliest stage of damage, whether it needs an immediate repair through pipe relining or not yet, most especially because it is placed under the ground. That may be right, but that is not enough reason for you to forget giving enough concern toward your drainage system, whatever its current condition.

What is a household without proper system of plumbing, especially drainage, after all? As early as possible, you have to take a stand.

Time and again plumbing experts in Sydney have been reminding household owners about the early signs of having a faulty pipe that should never be overlooked or ignored. Plumbing professionals said there are still some who call for help only when the damage has grown bigger, making it harder and more expensive to be solved.

You should never delay repair for your faulty pipes.

If you discover that the lawn has been wet even during the dry period of the day, don’t wait until the wetness grows into a pool before you realise how much you need the aid of a helping hand.

If you notice extraordinary growth from only one of your trees or plants, please be wary and call for assistance from the experts as it may be a sign that that particular tree’s roots may have been blocking a portion of your pipe, increasing the size of its leak day by day.

When you turn all the taps and machines consuming water in and out of your home, but the water meter still ticks for continuous consumption, do not call the water provider’s service centre to raise an allegation of graft. The problem may not even come from them but from the broken parts of your pipes.

If you notice the cement pathways have been cracked or paving warped, it is also a sign of a faulty pipe underneath.

The good thing about having a faulty pipe is that you don’t need to dig the soil for you to confirm its existence. You just have to observe the changes of the things connected to it but are seen above the ground. The changes always emanate, showing you signs that, if ignored, may lead to more damage to the drainage system and even to you, just as the following:

  1. ‘Sink hole’

It may not be that huge sink hole you’ve learned from an earthquake film, but yes, too much wetness and water pooling on your lawn may lead to soil breakdown, washing away some parts of the ground, leading to holes.

Water is important for the lawn, yes, as it helps the plants and trees grow. However, just as other matters, too much of water will lead to a negative result, too. If a person drinks too much water, he may suffer from water intoxication. If the soil gets too much water from overnight pipe spillage, the ground will drown, too.

Do not let this happen to your bushes.

  1. The ever-growing root intrusion

Once a tree’s root manages to intrude into your pipe, it will spread and break that pipe wider. The crack may increase in size if left unattended. If that happens and no aid is still given to the faulty pipe, it may be more expensive to unblock the clogged drainage system.

  1. Debris and dirt

As long as there is a crack, there will always be dirt and debris filling up the space left open by it. That will eventually lead to a blockage that will become more severe every single day.

Don’t let these things happen. Do not delay. Call your neighbourhood plumber now.