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Trees can be beneficial as well as harmful to your property. They are great because they can add shade and beauty, but they can do heavy damage to earthenware sewer pipes. Their roots can make their way to sewer lines whose rubber rings have moved so much over time. Although the roots alone are not causing the problem, they will start catching sewer debris. Once enough debris has accumulated, a home owner will start noticing the different signs of a blocked drain: the gurgling and rising of water in the toilet, the water taking a while to go down, the overflowing of the sewer gully and the horrible smell associated with sewage. Eventually, the sewer will back up. A sewer backup is hazardous to health and causes extensive property damage.

There are a couple of ways for root intrusion to be sorted out. Before, we use a drain cleaning machine known as an electric eel. It is like a drain auger, but intended for use in sewers. Although effective, this does not fix the problem of root intrusion permanently. Tree roots will eventually grow back in the sewer, and will be stronger and thicker than the roots you cut with the electric eel. The new roots will make the small gap grow bigger, until the earthenware pipes break.

Once earthenware pipes break, immediate repair will be needed. Traditionally, broken pipes will be replaced by excavation method. This option is not just expensive; it also messes up a part of your property for days.

A newer option called pipe relining is highly recommended in these situations. It involves clearing the sewer pipe with a high pressure drain cleaner and then inserting a lining to it. The lining is in the form of a cloth tube with fiberglass in it. It is dragged down the sewer line and blown open so it sticks to the pipe interior. In most cases, no digging is required making it a hassle-free and cost-effective procedure you can take advantage of.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Below are the other things you need to know about pipe relining.

The Different Benefits of Pipe Relining

  • Protection. The lining offers complete protection against tree root penetration.
  • Less time required. Unlike the traditional way to fix root penetration, which takes so long to do, this rehabilitation method can be done in only a few hours.
  • Durability and Longevity. The lining is so durable that it is capable of lasting fifty years in the property.
    o A disruption-free process. The process requires no excavation, and so you need not worry about how you can get the excavated part of your property back together.
  • Cost-effective. As no excavation is involved in this process, it is cheaper than the old way of fixing root intrusion in pipes.

The Steps Involved in Pipe Relining

    1.) Partial cleaning – The blocked sewer pipe is partially cleaned with a water jetter so the video camera can clearly see the problem in it.
    2) Video investigation – A camera is inserted in the sewer pipe to check where the problem is and see if pipe relining is the best solution to that problem.
    3) Complete cleaning – The hydro-jet is then used again to clear the pipe of tree roots. It’s worth noting that it can unleash thousands of PSI (pounds per square inch) of water, and is, therefore, powerful enough to remove tree roots.
    4) Lining installation – The lining coats the pipe interior once the calibration tube has been inflated and after the liner is treated with steam.
    5) Video reassessment – For quality assurance, the video camera is inserted down the sewer line again.

What kinds of pipes can be relined?

  • Earthenware or clay
  • PVC
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Galvanised Iron

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