6 Ways to Reduce Water Heating Bills

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High home utility bills are the major things giving headaches to many homeowners. Sometimes, it would lead you to the realisation that you needed to conserve electricity the way you needed how water for a lovely bath. If you needed that badly, you can start saving a penny from you water heating bills. Water heating contributes up to 13 per cent to your electricity consumption and it would be wiser to focus on how to save from the water heating bills in order to save money on the utility bills. Here are some ways on how you could save on your water heating bills.

Conserve hot water

The simplest yet the most effective way to conserve from your water heating bills is to conserve hot water so the water heater won’t have to generate hot water often which would increase your water heating bills. Your home’s utility bill is definitely based on how your family behaves when it comes to hot water usage. Saving water heating bills would mean taking a short hot shower than a hot bath. Enjoying a short shower is obviously better and more economical that filling a bathtub with water to its brim. It would be better to manage your time in the shower though so as to minimise hot water consumption.

Another effective way to save energy is to reuse. In order to avoid generating hot water often and wasting too much energy for water heating, sometimes you can use cold water in doing some chores such as dishwashing and laundry so you won’t demand hot water anymore. This would save energy and electricity thus, saving a penny from the utility bills.

Lower the temperature

Lower your water heater temperature into the suggested standard temperature. The higher the temperature of the water heater, the higher is the energy to be used for heating the water. Set the temperature at a level where the water wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. You don’t necessarily need boiling water for a lovely bath and to wash the dishes so it would be better to lower down the temperature.

Flush the water tank often

Flushing the tank is one of the water heater maintenance tips which would get rid of the sediment build-up within the tank. Sediment build-up acts as insulators minimising the effectiveness of the heating elements to heat water thus, needing more energy to heat the water. Flushing and getting rid of them would prevent too much energy necessity to heat the water.

Fix leaks

When leaks occur especially to pipes running hot water, shower heads and faucets, fix them immediately to avoid too much hot water wastage. Give early remedies to these leaks in order to save from the water heating bills.

Insulate the pipes and the tank

Insulating the pipes and the tank would help save energy by avoiding heat loss. This will avoid shredding the heat into an area with lower temperature. That will heighten the need to replenish the heat and spend more energy to heat the water.

Install low flow fixtures

To make sure that your family conserves water, it would be better to install low-flow fixtures such as shower heads and faucets. This will assure you that no matter what your family does, you are still saving energy with these fixtures.