4 Things to Try to Resolve Gas Water Heater Problems


There are various kinds of water heater available in the market of each of them have their own attributes and features causing them to differ in the way they operate and the maintenance procedure they require. Aside from that, each of them has their own complications as well. Just like your gas type water heater, they can encounter complications every now and then. Thus, it has to be addressed and repaired right away for it not to cause further trouble in the system. The most typical dilemma of a gas type water heater is its constant failure in heating the domestic water. This commonly happens when you are experiencing a sub zero climate. To solve this problem, here are the things to help you.

Problem: The gas type water heater doesn’t heat the domestic water

   When your water heater doesn’t heat the domestic, there are many factors that contribute to the occurrence of the dilemma and here are they:

  • Be sure that the gas to the water heater is turned on

In most cases, the primary reason why a mechanism doesn’t operate is the loss of power. In this case, what helps the mechanism to operate is the gas that empowers it. First, try to switch the gas knob to pilot mode to avert the burner from igniting into the possible gas escape while you try to check the condition of the unit. Then, try to remove the metal cover situated at the bottom portion of the unit are try to see if both the pilot light and the burner are lit.

  • The pilot light of the heater has gone out

Some of the water heater units have instructions located on its tank and all you have to do is follow these instructions to relight the tank in order to avoid further complications. The possible situations that could precipitate in this dilemma are when the gas inlet valve can be partially turned off. The handle should be turned parallel to the line to completely turn it on before relighting the pilot.

If after doing this and still the pilot won’t relight, it only indicates that there might be a possible problem with the thermocouple. When solving this, it would be best to engage with a professional plumber to avoid completely blowing out the system. This situation is beyond the homeowner’s capability and the aid of the plumber is needed.

  • The burner is not on

If the burner is not turned on, try to change the cover and ensure that the thermostat is set at a safe temperature which is about 120 to 130 degree Fahrenheit. You will have to adjust it if it is not working and try to turn on your hot tap and wait for a few minutes to check if hot water is already generated.

  • The smell of gas is all around the area

When the smell around the system smells like gas, try to check your water heater immediately and turn the gas valve off right away to control the flow of gas right away. There might be a gas leak somewhere and when you don’t turn the valve right away, it might ignite to a nearby fire and cause an explosion.