3 Various Kinds of Solar Water Heater Collectors

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There are so many advantages a homeowner gets by opting to a solar water heater. This kind of heater is known for being environmental friendly appliances which help reduce global conditions we experienced now. Aside from that, after a month of using the amenity, there will be a visible decrease in your electricity bill. Moreover, one thing that most people get from having this kind of water heater are the incentives they will get from the installation process. All you have to do to claim it is to sign and process the papers given by the installation officer.


The performance a solar water heater is undoubtedly efficient. On the other hand, the success of its performance cannot be achieved without the help of collector that transforms sunlight into an energy used to heat up our water. Many people probably think that there is only one kind of collector in the water heater. What they probably don’t is that there are at least 3 various kinds of it. Here are the following:  

Evacuated Tube Collectors

Typically, evacuated tube collectors can either be single or twin walls. Along with these walls are glass tubes that have a vacuum in it that are used to insulate heat loss. Furthermore, a single wall contains evacuated wall which has a fin with an absorber coating that is similar to a flat plate collector. However, twin wall’s absorber coating can be found at the inner tube of the collector.

Flat Plate Collectors

Flat plate collector has a simple design that’s composed of a frame, an absorber, an insulator and lastly, a transparent cover that is made up of iron safety glass. The purpose of the safety is to take a large amount of light spectrum. Moreover, with the help of frame, it secures the flat plate collector from the damaging effects of various weather conditions. Typically, the frames are made of aluminium, fibreglass and galvanised steel. Due to its simple structure, some professionals have tried reinventing the collector by making some differences from the traditional plate collectors. These upgraded ones are lighter and are much easier to install. Additionally, they have also made it more versatile to various installation formats used.

Low-Temperature Unglazed Collectors

For those homeowners who are a bit uneasy on what type of panel you are going to opt for when it comes to your pool, you know that low-temperature unglazed is perfect for you. In this collector, either rubber or plastic made materials are visible where the water in the pool is circulated. Most of the time, this type of collector is utilised for heating large volumes of water. However, its setback is that it’s not insulated so expect that it’s not that efficient in cold temperature. The term “unglazed” indicates that this collector isn’t insulated with glass. This type of collector is usually made of a plastic material in order to get through ultraviolet rays. Due to the absence of the cover, a huge portion of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the collector. At the same time, there’s also a loss of absorbed energy because of windy conditions.