3 Major Causes of Hot Water Shortage

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Every household, especially those who experiences winter, prefers installing hot water heater to provide hot water for domestic use. They have given so much convenience and comfort to every homeowner especially when starting their day with a beautiful and lovely bath. But when hot water shortage occurs, you would definitely have to rinse and finish your bath with chilly water. This would definitely ruin your beautiful day in just a blink of an eye instead of making it lovely. Aside from that, this would be a sign of initiating hot water heater failure and thinking about that is just so annoying. There are actually many causes of hot water shortage. It might be an initiating hot water heater trouble or the hot water heater’s capacity.

Here are the primary reasons for your precious hot water shortage.

1. Water Heater Tank Size

Storage tank water heaters store water and heat them. The heated water will be provided with every demand. When you opt for this kind of water heaters, make sure that the tank size is big enough to supply the demanded hot water of every family member especially when you belong to a big household. When you invest and install small storage tank water heaters that might not be enough to supply your family with the demanded water heater. That would then be the cause of your water heater shortage. It might heat water once more, but that would basically take time. If you are in a hurry especially when you’ve got early business meetings that would really force you to continue bathing with the water that is freezing cold and that would certainly be so annoying.

2. Sediment Build-up

Sediment build-up oftentimes occurs in households that utilise hard water. When it is hard water that is running through your water pipes and is as well used for water heating, it has various effects on your plumbing system. It is the main cause of the clogging occurrences, reduction of your plumbing fixtures’ life spans, and the annoying daily water shortage. This is because hard water is accompanied by various minerals and sediments, basically calcium, magnesium and chalk. Because they have heavier weight compared to water molecules, they tend to settle at the bottom of your water heater tank. When they do, they would act as insulators insulating the heat that is supposed to heat your water. This would cause your water heater’s inability and incapacity to supply you with the demanded hot water. In this case, not even a single drop of hot water would come out from your shower head.

Sediments oftentimes accumulate your water heater tank due to the lack of maintenance and preventative techniques. When they have accumulated too much space in your water heater tank, there won’t be enough space for the water. This would sometimes cause your hot water shortage and when these sediments mix with your water that would cause their stinky metallic smell and their cloudy appearance.

3. Pilot Light Gone Off

When you’ve got large water heater tanks and you flush it often but still run out of hot water, the problem might already be with your water heater components. When you utilise gas-powered water heaters, your pilot light should always be turned on in order for the mechanism to perform its task. When you discovered that the pilot light is off, you would need to turn it on again to make it work.