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Rust colored water from your hot water system? Allow a professional to have your system checked. At Plumber Chippendale, our hot water specialists are proficient and experienced in handling all types of hot water problems. We guarantee to get your water heater working safely and efficiently.

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Hot Water in Chippendale

Erica gave up. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the damned thing. The pilot light was on and everything looked okay, but clearly something was wrong. There was no hot water in her house. The tank seemed to mock her futile efforts. It looked like she would have to find a Plumber to call.

She looked online for a local Chippendale Plumber and rang the second number she found. The first had been on a dodgy looking website that she hadn’t trusted the least bit. The phone rang and was picked up rather quickly. With an appointment booked, Erica could relax. The Plumber rang when he was twenty minutes away, which she appreciated as she’d run down to the store to buy lunch. She got home in time to let him in. She explained the problem, showed him the cold water running from the hot tap and the lit pilot light on her gas heater. The Plumber had a look and pinpointed the problem. The thermocouple had failed and would need to be replaced. Without it the valve wouldn’t open, meaning that no hot water would come through. Glad it wasn’t the whole tank, but still annoyed at the predicament, Erica agreed. She watched as the Plumber set to work replacing the broken part. He worked quickly and efficiently. He even answered a couple of Erica’s questions about a dripping tap in her shower.

When he was done he packed up all his tools and tidied up the area. He even offered to have a look at the tap for her! Erica couldn’t help but ask for a business card by the time the work was completed. She’d found a Plumber she could trust to do the right thing. He’d even kept his work areas neat!

For a Plumbing service you can trust and rely on, call your local Chippendale Plumber on 0402 240 367!

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