Seasonal Plumbing 101: Safeguard Your Pipes from the Cold Spell

plumberchippendale frozenpipesThe winter season can bring some plumbing curses as well. You need not only to insulate your home but your pipes as well. The extreme low temperature may also cause problems with your pipes since it freezes and expands the water within them, causing bursts and fissures.

There are some homeowners who tend to be neglectful and impassive when it comes to winterised plumbing. Frozen pipes can cause a lot of water damage so they will be ultimately frustrated and disturbed if such disasters happen. Moreover, if the pipes are frozen solid, there will be a stoppage of the water flow in your pipeline – so much aggravation due to lack of precautions, right?

To help you deter such setbacks during the cold season, here are some tips you should follow.

  •  Insulate your pipes

This is the best countermeasure homeowners must do to ensure that their pipes are safeguarded from freezing mishaps. Pipe insulation may spend a lot of your time but they will effectively keep your pipes warm and prevent the cold spell from harming them. You may purchase some pipe insulation blankets or sleeves which you can wrap around your pipelines. If you are not familiar in installing them, you may contact the nearest plumber from your residence. You may also ask some helpful tips from them to ensure proper pipe insulations and other winterised plumbing tips.

Take note of insulating your other plumbing appliances as well, especially your water heating system. Through insulating its pipe, you will not only shield it from the cold temperature, you can also save your energy consumption.

  •  Transfer exposed pipes

Your home may contain pipes that are highly vulnerable to freezing disasters because they are located in areas that are mostly unheated and not insulated. Some places in your home that are usually prone to the wrath of the cold season include the crawlspace, garage, and the attic.

Insulating the pipes in these places prove to be an effective precaution. However, you may find it tiresome to do this yearly. By contacting a professional plumber to assist you, you can transfer these exposed pipes to a more covered area. Make sure not to do the task if you have no experience since you may tamper your plumbing system instead.

  •  Open your kitchen cabinets

Usually, homes have cabinets built under the kitchen sinks. These areas have exposed pipes which may be left defenceless to the low temperature. Opening them during the cold season helps to allow the heat to enter and deter the exposed pipes from freezing.

  • Turn off the main water valve if you leave your home for some time

There are times where you spend a vacation or leave your home during the cold season. Make sure not to leave your pipe defenceless from the lack of heat. One precaution you must do to thwart off burst pipes from happening is to shut down the main water valve. Through this, you can reduce the water damage in case inevitable pipe bursts happen. Since there the water supply received from the municipal area is restricted from entering your water line, there will be no unlimited gush of water that will surge out from your burst pipe.