All about Installing a Toilet

A toilet is needed at the workplace, homes and areas where people frequently visit. These are among many of the reasons of installing a toilet; normally it is a plumber who installs it. If one has the skills, then the individual can fix the toilet without the assistance of a plumber.


Types of toilets

– Flush toilets

– Whole ground toilets


Before the assembling of the toilet, the building needs to have a good drainage system that has directly led to the septic tank. A septic tank is where human waste is assembled after flushing the toilet.


In fixing toilets, one need to have the tools and material required and that include screwdrivers, various toilet parts, bolts and connectors. From there it is easy for one to assemble the parts together.


Installing a toilet needs a plumber to do it. The first step involves calculating and giving a right estimation of the drainage and where the toilet should be fixed and then Identifying an appropriate size of toilet that will fit in the particular place. Thereafter disconnect the water supply from the tank to the toilet until the toilet has been, if the need arises, you can you can clear the drainage to simplify the work.


After doing all this then one is ready to go to fix the toilet by assembling the bolts at the different parts of the toilet. Fix the wax that is normally on the ground where the toilet stands, this helps make the toilet stick to the surface/ground, place the toilet and when it is in position you can secure the connecting angles with bolts and nuts. Verify that it has been fixed well, and it cannot fail; ensure that the water supply is flowing into the toilet. You can try it by sitting on it and flushing the toilet, after that you set to go that the toilet has been well installed.


The final touch needed is clearing up the working area and leaving it spotlessly cleans.