Few advanced leak detection methods

Those days are long gone when it was very difficult to find a leak in your water draining system or pipes. Now a day’s, so many highly advanced leak detection methods and instruments are there, by which you can easily pinpoint the leak and you can get it repaired it without making any big damage to your flooring or pipes. In case you want to know more about these methods, then following are few details about it.


Passive methods: In this method you install these water detection instruments at those places that are vulnerable to leaks. For example, joints previously repair places and bends. When these instruments experience any kind of leakage or dampness, then it starts making a noise that gives you an alert about the leakage. With the help of this alert you can easily find the problem and you can get it repaired, that too without having any kind of damage in your house.


Active detection: This type of instruments not only helps you identify the leakage in your house, but you can also configure it in a way so it will stop the water supply in that area. This can be a great solution for those people that do not stay at home due to their work and if their house sees any kind of leakage, then this system will automatically turn off the water supply and it will prevent your house from any problem.


Underground detection method: This type of the leak detection method is mostly based on the sound and if instrument finds any kind of leaking sound in underground pipes, then it stops the flow of water in that particular area. Since these devices use a very sophisticated microphone and other instruments so it stop the water flow only if it hear the mumbling sound of leaking water in the pipes and it keep you protected from any damage caused by water leakage.