8 Plumbing Pipes Commonly Used at Home


There are various types of plumbing pipes designed to convey drinking water and other liquid substances. There are several pipes that corrode easily as they get a constant contact with water acidic conditions. To avoid early deterioration, before purchasing on a particular pipe, it’s best to know the features, what the pipe is made of and the type of water the pipe can carry. In that way, you will know what kind of pipe is suitable for your household.


  • Copper pipes

Among the varied pipes, copper pipes are the most used nowadays. Although the pipe is a bit expensive, you are ensured that it can withstand effects of various temperature and corrosion. Furthermore, copper pipes have three types and this is according to its wall thickness. K means the thickest, L is considered to be medium when it comes to thickness and M as the thinnest.

  • Galvanized pipes

When it comes to conveying drinking water, galvanised pipes can guarantee your waters safety. Although this isn’t commonly used now, its zinc coating averts the pipes to be affected by its contained water. Galvanized pipes can be found mostly in old houses but not on the modern ones.

  • Stainless steel pipes

Compared to copper pipe, CSST or stainless steel pipes are much more expensive than the aforementioned. Like other pipes, CSST can withstand the effects of corrosion. Aside from household purposes, this kind of pipe can also be utilised for marine purposes such as submarines and ships to avoid their pipes from getting affected by salt water.

  • Cast iron pipes

Cast iron pipes are usually used in water drainages and transportations. However, the pipe is complicated to replace due to its heaviness. Also, this pipe is utilised without any coating and we know that with a coating, it aids the pipe from wearing out easily and corrosion. Back then, cast iron pipes are intended for gas, sewage and water. Also, back then, this was used as a pressure pipe.


  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Well, apparently, polyvinyl chloride is most used plastic for the household plumbing system. most of the time, its colour comes in grey or white designated for high water pressure. PVC comes in various diameters and can either be cellular cored or solid walled. For cellular core, it has an extrusion of at least three layers on its pipe wall. PVC pipes are the most common form of substitution to metal pipes.

  • CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)

CPVC pipe is a thermoplastic that is created by PVC resin chlorination. This pipe is known for durability and resistance to the damaging effects of corrosion. Most households prefer to utilise this pipe to carry water gas, oil and industrial liquids.

  • PEX (Cross-linked polyethene)

Typically, PEX is used in a households interior plumbing system. Since this pipe is high purposes. Aside from resistance to heat, it can also withstand leaks because of changes in temperature and can also avert cracks from worsening due to the cross-linking of polymer chains.

  • PB (Polybutylene)

This PB pipe is considered to be a flexible water pipe that usually comes in the coil. Back then, PB pipe is used as a substitute for cooper pipes. On the other hand, this is no longer been the substitute for cooper pipes because this is prone to leaks and cracks.