7 Problems Associated with Hard Water Usage

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Some of the homeowners do not know the essence of installing a water softener at home and the nuisance of constant hard water usage. Hard water may look exactly the same as the softened water, but they have hidden obscurities within them that cause your plumbing dilemma. This obscurity is the mineral content they carry with them such as magnesium, calcium and chalk. Many people say it is good for drinking because of its mineral content and its taste, but its disadvantages have dominated. Here are the primary disadvantages of hard water which would lead you to invest and install a water softener at home.

  • Primary cause of clogs

The sediment content of the hard water will create a stiff and tough build-up not only in your sewer lines but in your water piping as well. This sediment accumulation within your pipes is called lime scale. As it blocks and reduces the diameter intended for water passage, it increases the pressure of water contributing more stress to the system. This would reduce their lifespan and would certainly cause them to fail and encounter more troubles due to the obstruction.

  • Bathing disadvantages

Hard water has many disadvantages in the activities that go on your bathroom. This is the primary reason of the dampness and coarseness of your family’s hair and skin. Because our hair is made up of tiny scales, the mineral content of hard water would damage these scales causing our hair to be rough and coarse, making it difficult for us to rinse and comb.

  • Laundering disadvantage

The presence of minerals would cause you to spend more when laundering. This is because soap would not lather because of its reaction between the minerals. You would need more soap for you to finish washing your clothes. Aside from that, hard water would reduce the brightness of your clothes’ colour making it look dull and untidy. The minerals would leave an inexplicable sticky precipitate in your clothes when mixed with water. Thus, the use of hard water couldn’t guarantee the cleanliness of your clothes.

  • Boiling point elevation

The salt content of hard water would elevate the salinity and the boiling point of water. Thus, this would lead to the increase of fuel or electricity consumption as it would take more time to boil the water and finish your kitchen chores. Because of hard water, you would suffer the burden of high utility bills.

  • Leaving behind nasty residue

Hard water would leave a rough thin layer of powder-like substance into everything it touches. This includes your bathtubs, bathroom walls and floors, sinks, dishes, kettles and pots. This would lessen the value of your home by making it look dirty and unmaintained. Aside from that, when you try to clean these nasty residues, it would take time and effort as they are tough and firm.

  • The primary cause of the destruction of your water-using appliances

The main reason why hard water is dangerous for our water using appliances is the build-ups and accumulations its mineral content can make. It may clog the hoses of your washing machines and sediment build-up in your water heater. This would cause you appliance to work harder which would definitely cause them stress and reduce their efficiency.

  • High electricity consumption

In cooking, when using an electric stove, you would consume more energy preparing your food due to the water’s increased boiling point. In water heating, the sediment accumulation of the minerals would insulate the energy intended to heat the water thus, requiring more energy for the water to reach the set temperature.