7 Common Types of Kitchen Taps

Common Types of Kitchen Taps

Due to changing needs and preferences of consumers, there is now a wide array of tap designs that they can choose from. This makes choosing and installing the right kind of tap that fits your needs as well as the design that rides with your style easier. There are specific functions and features in a tap that set it apart from the others. What you have to do as a consumer is to make sure that the tap you chose fits your preference, lifestyle, needs and meets your comfort level. Also, make time to consider that whichever tap you choose there should be a steady line of available spare parts for you in cases the tap breaks down and needs replacements of parts. To give you an idea here is a short list of some of the commonly used kitchen taps:


  • Ball Faucet

A ball faucet is popular for being a single-lever faucet that has a rotating ball cap. The cap houses and controls the amount of hot and cold water that goes out of the tap.


  • Disk Faucet

This particular type of faucet gives homeowners a lifetime guarantee of quality service without easily wearing out. The faucet has two discs, one movable and the other fixed. This tap has a durable valve that promotes long-term use over other types of kitchen taps.


  • Cartridge Faucet

This tap model is commonly known as the washer-less tap. It is called such because of its features that allow the use of a hollow metal cartridge seal against the spout or body of the faucet. There are two types of this tap model; the single lever tap and the two handle tap that uses another type of valve than the single lever.


  • Compression Washer Faucet

This faucet is usually found in old and unrefurbished homes because this faucet model has been in the market for a very long time. The faucet has two separate levers that regulate the amount of hot water and cold water release. This system works with the use of a valve seat pressed with compression.


  • Pull Out Faucet

If you have a small kitchen at home, there is bound to be an even lesser space for a tap and sink. Your best option to maximise your space usage is to use a pull out tap. This tap is perfect for a shallow kitchen sink and can work with minimal space because it is retractable. You can manipulate the spout manually when filling up a large kettle when you wash a huge kitchen utensil and other tools that simply would not fit your sink. However, with this sink, you cannot expect it to last as long as the other types since they easily loosen and wear out their spring.


  • Pull Down Faucet

This type of faucet has the same appearance and design as that of the pullout tap. This, however, has a completely different function. The tap can move up and down making it the perfect companion for deep-seated sinks. You can easily use the spray head to wash large pots and vegetables.


  • Touch-less Faucet

This faucet is highly used by modern houses or in establishments such as malls and hospitals. The primary duty of the faucet is to give off water and provide cleaning needs. This tap supplies the needed material without the user having to touch the unit. Motion sensors at the command give water immediately. Technological advancements have made a specific impact in making life and daily routines easier accomplished.