6 Steps to Reassemble a Toilet Tank

toilet tank

We always see our toilet everyday as we always use it. And it times when it encounters some minor troubles or it needs some modernizations, there is no need for us to pick up our phones and call a professional plumber. Disassembling and reassembling a toilet tank is very easy and an ordinary man without enough background on the field can fix it all by himself. It can save your toilet tanks from further destruction and your pockets from too many expenses. Here is an article to act as your guide in reassembling your toilet tank.

1. Turn off the water supply

Whatever repairs and restorations you do to your plumbing system, it is always important to turn off the water supply before initiating any step. Continuous water flow might distract you and hinder you from properly performing the reassembling process. Aside from that, this water will just be wasted as it is not used. It will only increase your water bills without your benefits from it. Simply turn off the closet stop or toilet stop located at the toilet tank base. This will eventually turn off the entire toilet tank water supply. It is manipulated by continuously turning the handle all the way to the right until it stops.

2. Drain the tank

You will find it hard to disassemble and reassemble the toilet tank when it is still having water within it. All you have to do is to drain the water content of the toilet tank until it is completely gone. Just shove the handle down and keep it that way until nothing is left inside it. When some of the water cannot be drained, you can use a sponge to remove it.

3. Disconnect the tank

It is, of course, impossible for you to disconnect the toilet tank with your own hands. You may need a nominal size adjustable wrench or another variety of wrenches to completely detach the tank nut. At the bottom of the tank are bolts that connect it to the toilet bowl, all you have to do is unfasten and remove those bolts to completely detach it.

In this case, the head of the screw should be secured by using a large screwdriver. After that, you can now start rotating the nut until it is completely removed. Do the same thing to all remaining bolts to make the detachment successful.

4. Install the Douglas valve

The Douglas valve is to be installed by directly pushing it through the hole. Seal the valve by locking it locking ring tightly to avoid unfastening. Large pliers are one of the tools you could use to fully tighten and seal the valve.

5. Install the ball cock assembly

The first thing to do in installing the ball cock assembly is to deal first with its bolts and seals, be it outer seals or not. After that, you can initiate putting the brass washers and fasten them with the help of thinner nuts. Some people use their hands to tighten the bolts, but for a better and secure seal, you can use an adjustable wrench.

6. Reinstall the tank

After all the aforementioned steps, the tank is now ready to be reinstalled above the toilet bowl. Seal and tighten the tank by reinstalling its bolts and then it can be already used