6 Indications of a Broken Pipe

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Pipes are essential in our plumbing system as it is the one who transports water into our homes. However, these pipes tend to wear out due to some issues. There are some signs which you can tell that your pipes are broken. Listed below are some indications of a broken pipe. You might be experiencing some of these signs now but just chooses to ignore it.


  1. Foul Smell

If you often notice an unpleasant odour coming from your sinks and drains at home then there might be something wrong with your pipe. The foul odour is mainly because of the wastewater or sewage which was not successfully transported into the sewers. There also might have some blockages in your pipes that block the flow of the wastewater. For this situation, it is best to have your pipes checked immediately as this can bring hazard to your health when it is ignored.


  1. Banging and Clanking

These annoying sounds are mainly due to loose pipes which tend to bump into each other once the water flows through it. It commonly occurs when the parts of your pipe have already given up. These loose pipes can result in leaks so it is suggested that you need to have your pipes examined and replace the damaged parts when you hear these noises.


  1. Bubbling and Whistling Noises

Expect that your pipes are damaged once you hear some bubbling and whistling sounds coming from your toilet or faucets. These sounds are created once the air inside it is trapped. When pipes get dented, spaces found between it turns out to be too thin for the water to pass through it. Once you start to hear these sounds, have your pipes checked immediately if there is an increase in the water pressure in your pipes as it can cause pipes to burst and could lead to a bigger problem.


  1. Wet Spots on Walls, Floors and Ceilings

One indication that your pipe is broken is when you start noticing some wet patches or some wet spots around your home. These spots are due to the water leaks from your pipes that are hidden behind ceilings, floors and walls. Stains and cracks will also be noticed in any of these areas. However, the affected area is not the exact location of the leak. The leak can be located somewhere but the water coming out from it pools at a different area.


  1. Slow Running Water or No water at all

This is an obvious indication of a broken pipe. It usually occurs once you either have a frozen or burst pipe. Pipes that are frozen and burst compromise the water flow in your pipes which leaves you with slow running water or worse is no water is coming out from it every time you turn on your faucets. Have your pipes checked immediately once you notice this problem to avoid severe damages within your pipes.


  1. Water Bill is higher than the Usual

A higher water bill compared to the usual would be one great indication of a broken pipe. This is a sign which you must not ignore most especially if haven’t seen or noticed some leaks in your area. There are some leaks that can’t be detected. Noticing a high water bill will let you know that something is wrong with your pipes. If you want to avoid paying high water bills then look for a solution to this problem.