5 Ways to do a Sump Pump Upkeep

plumber chippendale 5 Ways to do a Sump Pump Upkeep

If you have a sump pump in your basement then you probably know the importance of having one. For those who don’t have a sump pump yet; you should really be installing one since it’s really important. Without a sump pump, your basement can get easily flooded and it’s going to take a long time for the water to disperse. Just like any other equipment out there; a sump pump needs some upkeep to perform well and last long. There are many ways you can do maintenance for your sump pumps like:

1. Performance check-up

It’s important to have your sump pump up-and-running if ever there is a basement flood. You can do a performance check-up to see if the plumbing device is still performing well. By doing this test; you will also be able to identify if there are any issues with the sump pump and have it fixed if there are problems present. The check-up is actually simple; you just pour probably a bucket or two of water down to the pit of the pump. If it doesn’t have any problems then the floater will rise together with the water level and cause the device to commence the pumping operation. Aside from checking if the pump works; you should also go outside and see if the water is being dispersed from your home. If the pump isn’t working then have it checked as soon as possible; it could be that the float switch, valve, or other integral components of the sump pump has malfunctioned or become damaged.

2. Checking the condition of the pit

It’s important that the pit doesn’t have any form of obstructions to ensure that the water flow and pumping operation will run smoothly. You must remove any form of blockage like mud, stones or debris. Even if there are only a few of these obstructions you need to take them out since it will accumulate and stop the sump pump from functioning well.

3. Clearing out important parts of the sump pump

The pump itself may have a build-up of stones and mud so you also need to clean it. This is because the pump’s absorbing motion can gather stones and other debris. Take out the pump from the pit and clean the grates thoroughly. Failure to clean the pump will cause it to shorten its lifespan and become easily damaged.

4. The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) should be working

The sump pump needs electricity to function which is why it must be plugged into GFCI. Aside from the circuit, the cord used must also be in good condition since this is where the electricity flows. You need to inspect the GFCI occasionally since it can get disconnected and stop the sump pump from functioning at all.

5. Have a professional inspect

For added safety and if you think you may have missed a few things while checking out your sump pump, you need to have a professional plumber inspect it. They might be able to detect some issues and assist you in making your sump pump more effective.