5 Sewer Pipe Maintenance Tips

sewer pipe maintenance

The sewer pipe is responsible for wastewater and water which are used in cleaning, cooking and bathing. As you can see, the sewer pipe plays an important role in our daily lives. With this, no one would want to experience any issues within the sewer pipe as it could be frustrating and costly. To help you avoid this, here are 5 tips in maintaining your sewer pipe.


  1. Annual rooter maintenance

Make sure to perform a rooter cleaning every year for your sewer pipe to be clear from any blockages. This can get rid of any build-up or debris present in your sewer pipe that can lead to blockages sooner or later. Rooter cleaning can be performed as often as you can if you experience blockages within your sewer pipe.


  1. Drain enzyme cleaners once every month

This method is the simplest and best thing that you can do so you can maintain your pipes in a good condition. Most health specialists and environmentalists recommend the use of enzyme cleaners than using chemical-based cleaners. Chemical-based cleaners could be harmful to your plumbing system, environment and the health of you family. For the safety of your family’s health, environment and your plumbing system, use enzyme cleaners as a medium for commercial cleaning.


  1. Be mindful of what comes into your drain

Everything that goes down into your drain passes through the sewer line. Without being said, you must be mindful and pay attention to the things that go down your drain. There are certain materials that must be avoided in the drain such as fatty substances, hair, large wastes and much more. These materials can cause blockages and build-ups in your sewer pipe.


  1. Avoid flushing foreign objects

Flushing of foreign objects must also be considered in maintaining your sewer pipe. There are some cases when homeowners especially the kids flush anything into the toilet. They tend to flush down toiletries such as sanitary napkins, wet wipes and hygiene products. These materials must be disposed in a trash bin as they can cause blockages in your sewer pipe. Once these things are flushed regularly, they can lead to a huge and severe blockage. Keep in mind that the repair could be costly. The only material that is flushable and is designed to be flushed down the toilet is the toilet paper.


  1. Keep away trees, bushes and other plants from sewer line

Another thing that causes blockages and destruction within your sewer pipe is the roots that penetrate your pipelines. The roots probably come from the tree that is placed near your pipeline. There are ways to avoid root intrusions. One is by knowing and classifying the sewer-safe plants. These are the vegetation that you can plant near your sewer pipes since they do not have large and fast-growing roots. Another is by simply keeping trees away from your pipelines. The reason why root intrusion occurs is because there is a lack of supply of nutrients and moisture. Roots tend to find its way to the nearest area where there is an abundant supply of moisture and nutrients which are the sewer pipe.