5 Plumbing Preparations before Going on a Summer Vacation with Your Family

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What excites everybody about the idea of summer is not the hot season and high temperature, but the excitement accompanying the idea of summer getaways and family vacations. Here, everybody is given the chance to enjoy the fine weather with their families in some other places. In this case, they would have to leave their hometowns and houses in order to travel into some tourist spots and areas where they could best enjoy their summer and forget all their problems. Everybody would be always ready for that. But the question is, as a homeowner, is your home’s plumbing system ready to be left alone in your homes as well? If not, here are some effective tips to help you ready them for your summer getaway if you don’t want to instantly end your summer fun when you reach home and get surprised with the unexpected sights of indoor frustrations.


  1. Turn off the main shut-off valve

Upon leaving your home for a summer getaway, your main shut-off valves should be turned off. These are the valves that allow water passage to supply your entire house with the demanded domestic water. Water supply should be cut off when not in use especially when no one is in your home. This is to primarily avoid too much water wastage in case of leakage and burst pipes. Aside from that, when minor leakage already exists and there is still water supply, the leakage is the only way for water to escape. The water pressure will worsen the leakage and would possibly burst the pipe resulting to a pool of water on your floors.


  1. Turn off all outdoor faucets and disconnect garden hose

Garden hoses, because of their flexible and soft features, are very prone to leakage especially in hot seasons. When leakage occurs and your outdoor taps are not turned off, it will continually allow water escapade while dragging your water bills higher and higher. Shutting your outdoor taps off and keeping your garden hoses will help you get rid of high water bills and extend the serviceable life of your garden hoses rather than investing for a new one.


  1. Empty standing water

It is advisable to empty your water tanks, water heater tanks, toilet tanks and all standing water before leaving your home. This stagnant water will become homes for mosquitoes while they can release stinky odour and create moulds. These occurrences will then add up to your cleaning duties after your summer vacations.


  1. Turn off water heaters

When no one will be left at home on your summer getaway, hot waters are not on demand. This means water heaters should be turned off to save energy and get rid of high utility bills. Aside from that, leaving your functioning water heaters behind might lead to overheating and explosion.


  1. Set your sprinkler of timer

Your outdoor sprinklers don’t need to be always turned on. A constant supply of water for your lawn and gardens will result in the death of your plants while turning them off might destroy them as well. You can set your outdoor sprinklers on timer assuring that they water your plants on a specific interval to keep them healthy. Make sure you set them on time when it is not too hot such as early morning or late afternoon for enough water benefits.