5 Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Plumberchippendale Dripping Faucet

According to researchers, homeowners call a plumber once every three years no matter how old their houses are. New or old, plumbing systems sometimes fail. Different kinds of plumbing problems may be experienced by most of the homeowners, and plumbers generated a list of problems they usually see in most houses. Do you know what are these problems? Let me show you the usual plumbing problems most plumbers face.

  • Most of us definitely face our faucets everyday as we do our household chores and daily routine. When we experience dripping faucets, it just instantly turn our beautiful day into a horrible nightmare. This may appear so minor for us, but if we don’t pay attention to this problem, it will drag our water bills higher. You can call a professional plumber for this problem or you can solve it your own.

  • Pipes, no matter how strong and durable they might be, they too wear out some time of the year. This happens commonly on cold seasons due to frozen water. You can temporarily fix these leaks depending on the leak size and get rid of water wastage and high water bills for the mean time. And you can call a plumber for a permanent fix on your pipe leaks.

  • Running water just waste a lot of water everyday and if you don’t pay attention to this problem, you will face high water bills in the future. This problem may be because the flapper valve do not fit properly allowing so much water to pass from the tank to the bowl. If your toilet do not behave after flushing, try to check it and repair anything that do not work well.

  • When your faucets just drip even if you already turned it all the way to the right to open it, then you got low water pressure. Water that goes out of our faucets usually carry minerals with them, and these would create build ups on metal pipes causing blockage of water from the water source. Another reason would be leaks or breakage of the mainline, causing the water to escape and never reach your home.

  • When you flush your toilet and the water do not drain easily, then you got partial clogs in your sewage pipe. When it do not drain at all, then there is a total blockage on your pipe. This may be because of the unpermitted entrance of many clog culprits of the frequent use of drain cleaners. You may remove the clogs if you can with the use of bent wire hangers but if it don’t work as you wished it to work, then maybe it’s time to call for help.

Problems are usually accompanied by frustration. Just don’t frustrate yourself that much to avoid further problems- i mean emotional problems. Every problem has a solution anyway – yours too. So don’t worry and keep on moving.