4 Conventional Winter Plumbing Problems

plumberchippendale Frozen pipe

When winter season is approaching, many challenges start to come. The temperature gets extremely cold, snow will be piling up all over your home and the roads get deeply covered with ice. Together with the environmental changes caused by the freezing temperature of winter, comes the winter plumbing problems you never know would take place. This is the time your never expect them to bother you and your home’s plumbing system. And the first step to avert these problems is to first know what they are. At least when you already know them, you would start to know how to avert them. Check out the following for some winter plumbing problem ideas.

  • Frozen pipes

Well, it will never be questionable when pipes freeze during winter. This is the common occurrence in almost every household when temperature drops. When water content of pipes freezes, it endangers your pipelines as well. Aside from no water will be flowing, pipes will leak too due to the expansion of the freezing water. Because this is a disheartening nightmare to all homeowners, it is good news to hear that this problem can be averted by preparing your home for the coming temperature drop. Your pipes will be safe from all freezing nuisance through insulation or by constant running of water taps at home.

  • Poor heating

During cold seasons, it is unavoidable to lower down the effectiveness of heating appliance. The cold temperature hinders them to produce the necessary heat needed. Aside from that, they are indolent during hot seasons making them prone to disintegration and failures. When this problem arises, check your appliance or contact a professional for a better repair.

  • No hot water or water heater failure

During winter seasons, water heater has to work two times more than what is used to do. This happens when the temperature go beyond zero. The activity stresses them causing them to break down or disintegrate. When water heater deteriorates, make sure to call a plumber for a service. Fixing them with your own hands might worsen the problem. It may result to appliance destruction or explosion.

  • Water line leakage

When water is kept standing in pipes, especially for outdoor taps, it may freeze. Aside from the ice blockage that it may create, it can also leak your pipes as the water content expands causing it to burst. In order to avoid this, make sure to prepare your home for winter. Turn the shut-off valves off, especially those that are leading outdoors then drain all the standing water to avoid freezing them. Insulate your pipes as well so you can protect your water from freezing and your pipes from leaking and bursting.

In order to avoid complications and predicaments, it is always wise to be prepared. Nothing is safer than one who keeps himself ready in every season. It will not only save yourself from the costly repairs and the tormenting problems, it will also save your plumbing system and add value to your home.