3 Reasons Why Your Taps Are Leaking

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All things work together for good and these things have their “end of the road”. They may brand new but if the quality is not that great then that thing will surely give up easily. It is also the same with your taps. They may be made of steel, iron or plastic but once a part of it gives up, the whole fixture will be affected. Here are three reasons that are common on why taps are leaking.

  1. Some parts of the tap have tampered.

This one is the easiest to spot in a malfunctioning tap. It is because once the tap tampers, the leak will directly come from there. A steady drip or leak from somewhere in the tap is definitely not a good sign. This is because the probable cause of this steady stream of wasted water is a damaged washer. Once you notice this, you have to immediately replace the washer to avoid further damage to the tap and high water bill. There is also a case where the leak will come from the tap’s body directly. The main reason for this is because the grease that is there to create a watertight joint in the gland has been washed out when you were handling the tap with soapy hands. It can also be due to the high water pressure that caused the gland to break when the pressure was too much for it to handle.

  1. The cartridge has worn out.

The cartridge valve is a very important component of a tap. It controls the flow of the water from main water lines to the specific tap used somewhere in your house. Since it is inevitable that taps are used many times every day, it can make the cartridge wear out. This usually happens to cartridge taps. This problem can be fixed easily. Simply remove the damaged cartridge, measure it up and buy a new one. Just make sure that the measurement is exact and precise so that the new one can fit in nicely. A worn out cartridge may also be because of a scratched disc. If the disc is the damaged one, then you will have to replace the entire tap.

  1. The water pressure is incompatible.

Everything in life needs to be balanced. That is why when the pressure of the water flow that goes into the tap is higher than what the tap can handle, then you will likely experience leaks. This is because when a tap is closed, the water will find a way just to get out, resulting in leaks and drips.

So, if you are having even just one of these problems and you don’t know how to fix it on your own, then it is safe to just call a plumber to help you out.