2 Brilliant Assets in Warding Off Bad Odours

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They said that one way of gaining a man’s heart is through his stomach but how can you let him enjoy his meal if your whole house smells like a dead rat? No offence but no one wants to dine in a stinky place. To save you from this downright embarrassing situation, here are two brilliant assets that are great in warding off bad odours in your house.

  • Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

There are plenty kinds of vinegar available in grocery stores. However, most of us probably just recently found out that vinegar is not only great for adding up a delectable flavour to a dish but also, it can clean and ward off bad smells that are from your kitchen sinks, garbage disposals and even the smoke that came from your grill or from a burnt recipe. That’s right, folks. Vinegar is a great help in combatting foul smells that you don’t want your family, your guests and even you inhale all the time. It is just simple.

For smoke odours, you have to have a bowl and pour at least until the bowl is three-quarters full. The vinegar can either be an apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar. Just take your pick. They are both effective. But if the smoke odour is still hanging in the air, like how a cigarette smoke smell does, just simply wave a cloth dampened with vinegar in the air for at least a minute or preferably, until the smoke smell clears out. For your fridge, you can mix the vinegar with water to remove the stench from there. You can even leave a bag of baking soda inside, just for good measure.

  • Citrus Fruit Peels

Fruits have always had that amazing and mouth-watering smell. But did you know that there are fruits, citrus ones to be exact that are very great for deodorising your fridges and kitchens? Amazing, right?

The oranges, limes and lemons are among these citrus fruits that can help in giving the freshness feels you want to have in your home. So, after you are done eating those oranges or using those lemons, do not throw out the peels. Make it a good use by using those peels as deodorizers. Simply run your garbage disposals, turn that tap on, and feed those peels into the garbage disposals. If you are not satisfied with this, you can also pour in some salt and ice cubes into the disposals and yes, along the fruit peels.

Now, that you are given these tips, go and get some of these two (if you don’t have one) and start freshening up your house so that, you and the love of your life can enjoy a nice, hearty meal together. Happy eating!