The Strangest Objects that are Being Flushed Down the Toilet

blocked toiletThe main purpose of the toilet is to flush down human waste into the sewer system, but it turns out it’s more than that. A lot of items that shouldn’t be flushed are drained down into the toilet like cat litter, wipes, cooking oil, plastics, tampons, and non-biodegradable objects. We’re sure there are even more items aside from the list that are flushed. But even with these common objects, there are a few that stand out because it’s just ridiculous to think that someone would flush these things. Check out the list below.

1.Diamond Ring

People would do anything to protect their precious diamond ring, especially if it’s very expensive. Unfortunately for Allison Berry, her $78,000 diamond engagement ring accidentally fell when she was flushing the toilet in a diner. Of course, Allison was frantic and informed everyone about her situation. When the city workers weren’t able to flush out the jewellery, plumber Mike Roberts came to the rescue and managed to fish out the valuable ring.

However, recovering the diamond ring was no easy task, it took eight hours to recover. What’s even more interesting is that the process of regaining made use of a jackhammer, video camera with an infrared, and even went far as ripping off the pipes from the diner. Of course, the city workers, a diner employee who assisted in the recovery and waited patiently for the job to be done, and of course, Mike, was generously tipped.

  1. A Puppy

This is truly an awful nightmare for a dog-owner to ever experience. A week-old puppy was covered in mud and a four-year-old boy thought it was a good idea to clean the dog by placing him in the toilet and flushed the poor thing. Alison Blair–the mother–asked her son where the puppy was located and checked the toilet if the pup was still there, unfortunately, the dog was nowhere to be seen. She later heard desperate cries from the drains and called emergency services.

The fire brigade came, and yet, was unable to save the puppy. Mrs. Blair then asked help from a plumbing company. The plumbers were able to pinpoint the exact location of the puppy and gently pushed him to a nearby manhole. The puppy was safe and didn’t suffer from severe injuries.


  1. Medical Syringes

Syringes are delicately disposed in hospitals but some plumbers are able to find syringes in houses. Possible explanations could be that these could be insulin shots that were accidentally dropped or someone hiding their extracurricular activities. This is one of the reasons why plumbing companies enforce immunisations and health checks to their workers.

  1. Brand New IPhone

Accidentally dropping phones and flushing it are actually quite common. But in this entry, we’re talking about a brand new iPhone 5s that is still in a box complete with plastic wrap. The phone was recovered with the use of channel locks after the drain snake proved to be inefficient.