Preventing Leaks from Occurring Around a Toilet’s Base

Two things help seal the toilet so leaks do not develop around its base. Closet bolts secure the toilet to the bathroom floor by fitting into the base of the toilet. A wax ring can be found under the base. When the toilet rocks repeatedly due to closet bolts being loose or the wax ring becoming worn out, it may leak out dirty water to the bathroom floor, and if that happens, the tiles get damaged and the health of anyone who uses the affected bathroom can get compromised.

1. Get a sponge and wipe the water that has pooled at the toilet’s base. While doing this, check the toilet to ensure that the toilet and the water supply line are not affected by other plumbing problems. A licensed, equipped, and skilled plumber should be hired to work on those.

2. Remove the caps of all closet bolts using a putty knife. Then tighten each one. If water still pools around the toilet, it needs to be removed.

3. Switch off the water valve connected to the toilet. Empty the water tank by flushing the toilet as many times as needed.

4. Take out the lid of the toilet tank. Use a wrench to hold the retaining nut of the water pipe and the nut of the valve in the toilet. Loosen, and then remove the nut of the water supply line.

5. All of the closet bolts should then be removed from the toilet base.

6. Keep in mind that the base is also protected by a wax seal. Break this seal by rocking the toilet repeatedly. Once you have broken the wax seal, lift the toilet and put it on a towel.

7. Get a putty knife and use it to scrape the wax ring off. Set a new wax ring down on the flange, making sure that it is set perfectly. Place the toilet on the flange and put back the components you removed earlier. Switch the water supply on and use the toilet to check for any leaks. You may have to repeat the third step down until you no longer find a leak. Also, you may need to hire a plumber if none of the above steps help stop leaks from happening around the toilet.

When doing this plumbing repair task, make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear, like a face mask, safety goggles, and work gloves. Also, always pay attention to the task while you are doing it to prevent accidents from happening.