5 Horrid Signs of a Blocked Sewer Pipe

plumberchippendale blocked sewer pipe

All of us do not want to experience blocked sewers over and over again. Aside from they are nasty, they can cause us a lot of hard-earned dollars as well. And when our sewer pipes get obstructed, the tendency would be, raw sewages would only be circulating within our plumbing system without any way to get out. Aside from that, they would tend to throw raw sewages and nasty wastes back to us or it surcharges, as what plumbers normally call it. That is why a blocked or surcharging sewer is always considered a plumbing emergency. However, before this dilemma gets worse, we can prevent it by just being mindful of the signs they create so you can unblock them as soon as possible. Once you notice these following signs, inspect your sewer system immediately before they start surcharging or overflowing and even floods your area with wastewater.

Nasty smell from drains

This is the primary obvious sign of a blocked drain. When your sewer pipes are blocked, sewages and leftovers from your kitchen get stuck and their smell tends to head back to our homes. That is why we can notice a nasty smell of raw sewage. Make sure to inspect your sewer pipes immediately and give early remedy to this dilemma before it can cause harm to your family’s health and sewer pipes. If this problem gets worse, it could cause you your valuable time and an arm and a leg as you would need a certified plumber’s assistance to unblock it.

Bubble formation

If you notice some bubble formations after flushing your toilet, it could be a sign of a blocked sewer line. Mainly because of the air at the end of the blocked sewer line. They couldn’t find their way out of the line and they would try to escape and find a way out. When you drain your sink, you can notice some bubbles that are present. Aside from that, an increase of the water level may also be noticed.

Plumbing fixtures are not draining properly

Another evident sign of an obstructed drain is the improper draining. Either it is slowly draining or not draining at all, these are clearly obvious signs of a blocked sewer line. Partially blocked sewer lines cause it to slowly drain your drains or could take a longer time when draining water. When this is left unattended, it may completely block or even surcharges

Unusual reactions of plumbing fixtures

When some of your plumbing fixtures have unusual reactions when you use one of your drains, it might be a sign of a blocked sewer line. One specific example is when you notice soapy water coming out of your bathtub drain after using your washing machine. The water you used and drained from your washing machine might have nowhere else to go that it overflows in your bathtub drain. When this happens, you need to let a plumbing professional inspect and restore your sewer line or you’ll be experiencing more overflowing occurrences in the future.

Sewage backup

A sewage back-up is the most common and the nastiest sign of sewer line blockages. Your drains start to bring back nasty and filthy wastes into your home. When your sewer line is blocked, the wastes you drain into your sink and flush your toilet have nowhere else to go. Thus these sewage overflows or surcharges in any drain at home. Though most of the time this is caused by floods due to heavy rains, it may also be due by a blocked sewer line.