5 Common Problems with Garbage Disposal Systems

plumber chippendale 5 Common Problems with Garbage Disposal Systems
Any appliance that you purchase for your home always has the ability to fail, expensive or not, brand new or vintage. There is a great possibility for you to encounter problems and drawbacks in the service and function of the appliance no matter how hard you try to maintain it. Technology is bound for occasional repairs and eventually, replacements since the mechanisms making up the unit are expendable to a point. Listed below are common problems encountered by a garbage disposal unit owner.

1. Units do not operate properly.

Have you ever noticed your disposal unit not functioning as it should even when you have switched it on properly and have gone through every single rebooting process in the user’s manual? To check if the problem lies in the lack of energy source, check if the unit is plugged into the outlet. Also, see if the connection is done properly or if it is firmly plugged on. After doing this and the unit still is not functioning properly, check the circuit breaker. There are times when the breaker needs resetting. If you hear a buzz from the disposal unit, this is a signal that the defect is with it and not with the energy source.

2. Jams in the disposal.

If it is not your habit to segregate the garbage, there is a high probability for disposal seize up. The cause that your garbage disposal unit may freeze is because large chunks of wastes may be blocking its propellers. This can make your disposal unit malfunction and if it is done continuously, it can be the reason that your unit breaks down. To prevent this problem, make sure that the wastes passing through the disposal units are soft and small enough to grind. Tongs and pliers can be used to extract the trapped particles from the unit. Never use your hand. Also, when attempting to dislodge the blockage, turn off the disposal unit.

3. Leaks.

Leaks are not only present in tanks and pipes; it can also happen to garbage disposal units. The parts making up the unit may not be as sturdy as you are lead to believe. They can also obtain leaks around the drain pipe connection, top flange and around the dishwashing connections. You have to repair the leak as soon as you spot it to prevent the garbage and wastewater leaking into your floor. This can also cause your water bill to rise.

4. Noisy during operation.

This is one disadvantage with garbage disposals that homeowners do not want to have at home. When your disposal unit is already making noise as it does its job is not a good sign. This is probably caused by a loose screw somewhere in the mechanism. If left unfixed, the screw could loosen further until it is completely unhinged as the unit vibrates. It could be caused by too much usage of the unit. To fix this, simply locate the loose screw and retighten.

5. Blockage.

Blockages are the most common dilemma of a residential plumbing system. Caused by large chunks of wasted food, it can cause a massive blockage if left unattended. Just like in drains, garbage disposal units you have to drain and run water through it to make sure smooth operations.