4 Typical Garbage Disposal Issues

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Whatever brand it is or how much horsepower your garbage disposal has, if you don’t maintain and care for it, problems will be inevitable. Aside from this, one factor that precipitates to a series of unit problems is when homeowners don’t use the amenity properly. They try to put and flush down whatever item it is that they think the unit can grind and shred. On the other hand, even if the items are shredded, some hard materials will be stuck within the unit. As this continue to happen, here are some common garbage disposal problems you’ll experience:


  1. Noisy Disposals

If you can hear disturbing sounds as the unit operates, this means that something is stuck in the unit. What you need to do is to manually get rid of the item. On the other hand, before doing this, make sure that the garbage disposal unit is turned off to avoid any bloody accident. You can use pliers or tongs to finish the job.

  1. Leaking Disposals

In this situation, the problem is commonly found in the drainage connection. With that being said, this isn’t just a garbage disposal issue but also a drain problem. If this happens to you, all you need to do is to look for the rubber gasket and replace it. Then, one you put everything again, ensure that everything is tightened properly. However, if the problem still continues, this is an indication that the problem comes from the disposal unit and you have to replace it.

  1. Disposals that will not turn on

If your disposal unit doesn’t turn on, there must be something wrong with the circuit breaker or the electrical fuse. If the problem is not found in the power supply, it’s probably found on the reset button. You can locate this reset button at the button of the garbage disposal unit. If notice that it pooped out, it’s either you left it for a long time or the unit is jammed. If doing doesn’t fix the unit at all, try to listen to the unit when it’s turned on. If you can’t hear any sound, it means that motor needs to be replaced.

  1. Jammed Disposals

You have a jammed disposal when you don’t put much effort into maintaining and keeping your utility in its good condition. What causes the jam to happen are those hard waste that isn’t supposed to reach the garbage disposal. Typically, this hard wastes includes coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit peel and egg shells. Additionally, stop flushing just-add-water products or chemical-based solutions down your drain.

Once you constantly flush down these kind of solutions, it will damage the pipe system by causing corrosion to occur. Also, what most use probably don’t know is that these solutions are the cause why build-ups tend to occur in the drainage pipe. Lastly, if you don’t put the waste one at a time, the unit will likely to jam.
As a solution, try to turn off the disposal unit and locate where the tiny socket hole is placed, usually at the bottom of the unit, and utilised a wrench to turn the shredder back and forth. In this way, it will shake and try to align the components back to its original position.