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Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in Chippendale Ralph had always fancied himself as a bit of a chef. He liked to throw dinner […]

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing in Chippendale Bessie could smell gas and she was sure it wasn’t her imagination this time. For days […]

Hot Water

Hot Water in Chippendale Erica gave up. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the damned thing. The pilot […]

Pipe Relining

Trees can be beneficial as well as harmful to your property. They are great because they can add shade and […]

Fact you should know about "Chippendale"

Plumber ChippendaleChippendale a small inner-city suburb with a past that included industry such as the Colonial sugar refinery filling the air with smoke as it burnt bones to produce charcoal for filtering. A creek that was polluted by the local butchers adding offal into the mix of sewerage and dairy run off and an area hit with the plague in the early 1900’s! Thankfully Chippendale has changed so much from these ghastly living conditions and it is the location of a redevelopment that could revolutionise the future of Sydney.

Chippendale is notable for being the location of the 168-year-old Carlton & United brewery which closed in December 2006. The site was purchased by a developer who has visions of a modified concept plan for the 5.8 Hectare site. The proposal includes approximately 255,000 m2 of commercial and residential space, retention of a number of heritage buildings and the development of a large new park called Chippendale Green.

A key element of Central Park's sustainability is the recycled water network. Central Park will have the biggest Membrane Bioreactor recycled water facility in the world built in the basement of a residential building. The recycled water network will service approximately 4,000 residents and more than 15,000 workers and visitors daily!

Plumber Chippendale, helping to maintain and protect your piece of urban paradise

Repair or replace leaking taps
Toilet suite repairs or replacement
Gas Services - repairs to existing lines and new installations
Water leaks and leaking pipe repairs or replacement
Rainwater tank installation and repairs
Sewer maintenance, relining, repairs or replacement
Hot water maintenance or replacement

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Plumber Chippendale helps with the dishes

Ben had organised a dinner party to impress his fiancé’s friends but he dreaded the thought of hand washing all the plates, cups and cutlery. Ben decided it was time to purchase a dishwasher. He has never had a dishwasher before, even though he has a space in the kitchen for one. After the dishwasher was delivered, he gave his usual neighbourhood plumber a call and he was there the very next day.

He had a look at it and gave Ben a quote on the spot to install the water and drainage to the dishwasher. Ben accepted the quote allowing the plumber to begin the work immediately.
Within 2 hours the job was done. Water was run to the dishwasher, drainage was run to the dishwasher and it was installed. Ben was thrilled with the service from the plumber. For service when you need it, give us a call on 0402 290 290.